Beyond the Rift: A Perdition’s Mouth Card Game

Beyond the Rift: A Perdition’s Mouth Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1-4 players, narrating the events taking place after the heroes overcame Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift.

A foul stench was in the air, as the last guests stumbled upstairs, some still shaking their heads at what they had just heard.

“Fools,” Niffil cursed, as another attempt to warn them of the danger of the ‘Cult of Progress’ had failed.

“These peasants wouldn’t believe it even if a demon ate their cattle,” Elisa added. Wobbling over, Bastian noticed that the innkeeper did not only carry a tankard, but also a letter.

“This came for you, Bastian.” he mumbled. “I think it’s from somewhere in the East,” he added, slamming the tankard on the table.

The vax seal told Bastian who it was from, and a gnawing feeling in his gut told him what it was about. He didn’t want to get involved but felt he had no choice.

Dare to explore the land of Zanziar, via branching paths of six campaigns, each focusing on one of the six Heroes within the game. Become a stoic warrior, take on the role of a spunky magus, relive the life of a dwarven tinkerer, enact the pious ways of a zealous halfling priest, duck below any bar like a proper rogue, or embrace the inner rage of a Berserker.

Each hero has two basic resources at their disposal, Action Points and their Hero Deck.
Drawing from their hero deck players will find a variety of action cards that will determine what actions heroes are able to perform. Playing a card will cost action points which can also be used to draw more cards, manipulate the position of enemies and activate special abilities. Managing one’s resources of cards and action points, while dealing with the many threats presented will be key to survival in Beyond the Rift.

Utilizing the Evolving Deck System, heroes acquire items that replace cards from their original starting deck, making them decks of ever-growing power and synergy, as the campaign progresses.

By navigating their way through the six campaigns, players will not only discover the wondrous world of Zanziar, but will also gain knowledge about the sinister, dark past of its inhabitants and that of the heroes themselves.

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Nikolas Lundström Patrakka

Dragon Dawn Productions


30-120 minuti